An Ocean of Offering Clouds:
A Light Offering Prayer
by Gaton Ngawang Lekpa

I consider that this lamp is made of the finest precious metal,
And is as vast as the entire billionfold universe.
It is filled completely with the finest essence of butter,
And in its centre is planted a wick as large as Mount Meru.
Its flame is alight and has the nature of the five wisdoms;
In appearance, it blazes with the dazzling splendour of a billion suns,
Its light pervading everywhere throughout all the realms of the ten directions.
Out of this radiant expanse, appear vast clouds of offerings like Samantabhadra’s,
To make gifts throughout all eternity, until the very ends of time,
So that the objects of our prayers, be they living or dead,
Gather the two accumulations, purify the two kinds of obscuration,
And swiftly attain unsurpassable awakening.

This was composed by Gatön Vagindra.