Tsunda Monastery

Brief History of Tsunda Monastery (Ngongar Dechen Ling)
Edited by Phey Kim Loong and Henry Chia

Main Buddha statue of Tsunda Monastery

According to Tsunda Monastery‘s historical records, during the year 1274 A.D., one of Sakya Founding Masters, Chogyal Phagpa did visited the monastery and conduct Dharma Propagation as well as presenting a Tara image “Topazi”, an auspicious cup, musical instrument and Dharma text including bestowing the Monastery Abbot Thegchen Rinpoche (Ngawang Thegchen Chokyi Nyima ) the title and honourship to wear the Vajra Hat with golden embroidery. Chogyal Phagpa especially brought from Main Sakya Monastery a set of Dharma Text as gift for Tsunda Monastery and the detail as follows:

Horse head ornament given by Chogyal Phagpa

Thus, the Monastery Tulku, Ngawang Thegchen Chokyi Nyima as one of High Lama of the Imperial Family and one of the historical preserved monastery. Not allowing any intruders tre-passing, not permitting any violator, not deduction of taxes payment to the monastery and not tolerate anyone causing problems to the Sangha community of the Tsunda Monastery. The 3 rules clearly spelled out the legal right and titleship of the Tsunda Monastery.

Especially the land, field plain and the drinking oasis of the animals; all these shall forever belongs to the Tsunda Monastery. In the event of any intruders, it shall deemed violation of the Sakya Imperial Decree and subject to serious punishment.

Musical instruments given by Chogyal Phagpa

The Great Auspicious of Sakyapa Seal at Tibet - Dorjee Den.

View the above decree, we realized that Chogyal Phagpa has deliberately stressed the Monastery Tulku, Ngawang Thegchen Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche as the Imperial Family High Lama. It was specified as “The whole Tibet Heritage Zone” including authorizing Tsunda Monastery to take charge of the QingHai region Sakya Monasteries. This gave the specific importance and role of Tsunda Monatery of the Sakyapas within the Yesu Province. As a result, some of the monasteries were converted to the Sakyapas.

Chogyal Phagpa has bestowed to Thegchen Rinpoche the Sakyapa Dharma Crown top-ornament and enabling the Tsunda Monastery Sangha Community to enjoy equal right of other sects Rinpoche and its throneship. From that time onwards till now, we have the 14 Thegchen Throneholder reincarnations.

Annual Grand Rituals held in Tsunda Monastery

Yangdak Heruka Mandala

6th Lunar Month:
Yamantaka Grand Puja for clearing obstacles
Vajrakilaya Grand Puja
Yangdak Heruka Grand Puja (Only Tsunda Monastery performing this ritual)

9th Lunar Month:
Shri Hevajra Grand Puja
Lamdre Lineage Gurus Offering Puja

11th Lunar Month:
Vajrakilaya Grand Puja for clearing obstacles
4 Arms Chenrezig Grand Puja

12th Lunar Month:
White Umbrella Grand Puja for clearing obstacles
Green Tara Grand Puja for clearing obstacles
Singamukha Grand Puja for clearing obstacles

Monthly Activities

Sangha members

4 Arms Mahakala Puja practice, Smoke Offering, Tara Puja with 4 Mandalas practices and including 16 Arahats Puja practice.

Monthly on the 8th, 14th, 19th, 23rd and 29th Mahakala Puja

Monthly on the 10th and 25th Tshok practices

Daily Activities

Tara Puja with 4 Mandalas practice offerings

White Mahakala for Wealth practice offerings

7 Retreater Lamas of 3 years 3 months, daily Long Life Pujas, water and smoke offerings

Tsunda Monastery Annual Grand Rituals for LongLife, Wealth and Clearing of Obstacles

Ven. Tiktsa Rinpoche & Ven. Noma Tulku

Sponsorship: S$500/- per family

Financial assistance needed in Tsunda Monastery urgently

Tsunda Monastery is currently facing with financial difficulties and materials shortage. Though the Lamas are truly unconcerned, however we do hope to reach out to the devotees. We sincerely support for the Tsunda Monastery so that the very important and Great Sakyapa Lineage can continuously spread the Buddhadharma far and wide.

Currently most urgently need financial support from sponsors for Tsunda Monastery

1. To buy new Mongolian Tentage ( original tent already torn and damaged beyond repairs ) and the costing need about NT$200,000/- or S$10,000/-

2. Repairing of monastery, especially the Dharma Hall suffered rooftop water leakage, therefore the beams were weakened and renovating costing of NT$2,400,000/- or S$120,000/-

3. Repairing of images that of Buddha Shakyamuni, Guru Rinpoche and Sachen Kunga Nyingpo, the costing amounted to NT$1,000,000/- or S$50,000/-

4. Tsunda Monastery lacking accommodation rooms for visiting Rinpoches and Khenpos, therefore intend to build and facilitate for such guests. Innumerable merits indeed.

Anyone experiencing difficulties and requiring ritual performances, please feel free to contact with our correspondants for more informations. (Please refer to "Projects" link.)

Tashi Deleg! May the blessings of the Triple Gem always be with you and family.

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