The Concise Presentation of the Mahayana Path

I prostrate with devotion to the feet of the sublime Guru.

With a mind free from objects,
with hands folded, I praise
that practice cultivated according to
any Dharma taught by the Muni.

Any misdeeds someone may commit,
those are also conditioned;
therefore, they possess the quality of impermanence,
consequently do not be tormented about that.

If one possesses attachment to objects,
even though one honors the Three Jewels
with oneís right side for a ten million eons,
the Victor has taught there will be no liberation.

Also if that mind freed from all objects
is without grasping,
the unsurpassed awakening of emptiness
and compassion is attained with this.

The path of freeing only oneself
that is not the best;
the omniscient one only taught
intending solely to benefit others.

Considering that, I did not understand
I must give up my own benefit in the beginning,
possessing a knot of attachment to my own benefit.

Mind, if you are distracted in benefiting others,
later on you will be sunk in samsara alone
without having benefited yourself or others.

As such, with diligence, in all respects
do not consider oneís own benefit.

Possess only a loving disposition,
one should dedicate oneself to the benefit of others.

By accomplishing otherís benefit, oneís own benefit is assured.
Because ultimately reality is naturally present,
from that the great nature of the perfection
of all benefits of oneself and others arises.

The Condensed Presentation of the Mahayana Path was composed by Shri Sakya Pandita
Collected works of the Sakya master, vol. Na [12], pg.445

Translated by Loppon Kunga Namdrol