Dedication of Merit

Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo

Perfect in renunciation and realization, peaceful, the Dharmadhatu;
Radiant with the major and minor marks, blissful, the Sambhogakaya;
Conforming to the disposition of disciples, Nirmanakaya;
To the ocean of Guides, the Three Buddha Bodies, we pray.

The fourth lamp of this fortunate era, crown of the Shakyas;
Undefeated Manjughosha, Lord of Mysteries,
Avalokiteshvara, Padmavajra, and others;
To the Victors and their Sons we pray.

The Sixteen Elders, the Seven Hierarchs,
The Six Ornaments, the Three Teachers, the Eight Wisdom-holders,
The Eighty-four Lords of Yoga and others:
To the panditas and siddhas of the exalted country of India we pray.

The Nyingmapa introduced the teaching to Tibet,
The Sakyapa spread these perfect teachings,
The Kadampa were a source of ten million upholders of the teachings:
To them and their lineage of spiritual beings we pray.

The Kagyudpa possessed the secret path of incomparable attainment,
Buton and Dolpopa were masters of the profound and extensive tantras,
Tsongkhapa, the sun of the Dharma, was Manjughosha:
To them and their disciples upholding their lineages we pray.

Furthermore we pray to those great upholders of the teachings
Of scripture and realization who rely upon the explication and attainment
Based on such lineages as: Pramana, Vinaya,
Abhidharma, Prajnaparamita, Madhyamaka, and Pacification/Cutting.

In particular we pray to our Root Lamas,
Who combine in their excellent bodies
The wisdom of all the lamas of the lineage who have come in succession
From the excellent Teacher, the Buddha, until the present time.

Similarly by the power of our having prayed with steadfast devotion,
Bless us to engage in the actions of the Buddha's Sons:
Turning from the world; not being attached to peace and comfort;
Cultivating loving-kindness, compassion, and the two aspects of Bodhicitta.

Bless us to perfect moral behavior, study, reflection, and meditation,
To mature the mind through initiations; to purify the pledges;
And to give birth to the wisdom of the union
Of learning and no further learning arising from the two stages.